Things to Consider Prior to Buying Studio Monitors

When it comes to the matter of recording and mixing music, it is of utmost importance to buy the best studio monitor for your needs to get tracking and mixing done perfectly. Whether you want to record your voice or a piece of music or you want to mix, it will all hinge on your studio’s monitor choice. A good-quality studio monitor helps in mixing and recording of songs with a good level of accuracy and audio precision. Here, you will find some things that you can consider before buying the best studio monitor for your studio: 

Final Mix:

It is essential to focus on the parameter of final mixing while purchasing the perfect studio monitor. Adding a lot of elements or tracks for achieving the utmost details often result in the loss of fine particulars. This loss of minute details causes imperfections to your final mix. To avoid the disappearance of such details in the final mixing, you should buy a good quality studio monitor and consider these points:

Dynamic Range:

A good studio monitor should be able to deliver a powerful and wide dynamic range of elements to the mixing of music; else, the details will be lost in the final mix. A weak dynamic range causes the disappearance of a part of music, which was supposed to be there in the mix. Check the specs!

Powerful Speaker:

While choosing the best studio monitor for your studio, you need to keep in mind the rated power of the speakers. A powerful speaker doesn’t always mean loud pitch; it also includes an excellent dynamic range that catches every little detail of your mixing and recording. 


Not only the individual the effort of your studio monitor is going to serve your purpose, but you need to enrich it with other accessories also, to get the best out of it. Here are the two products that are of utmost importance: 


No matter how much you have spent on buying the best studio monitor for your purpose, until and unless you’re purchasing an amplifier for it, even the most incredible studio the monitor is not going to sound good. Amplification of your studio monitor’s the sound increases the dynamic range that gives detailed music. Today there are many choices that include amps inside the monitor housing. Look for models that are ‘bi-amped’ and have a crossover network that is deep and narrow. This way, each amp is only reproducing the highs or the lows with very little intermodulation distortion happening in the mid where your vocals, guitars, etc. will be happening.

Desktop Stand:

To get the best sound quality, you need to place your studio monitor in the perfect position. Buying the best desktop stand helps you to do so. Choosing the best desktop stand for your studio monitor will help to disrupt the sound due to height, position, or vibration; and create the best sound effect by increasing the clarity. Studio monitors should form a perfect triangle between your ears and their left/right positions so are sure you are positioning them to achieve this geometric shape.


For mixing and recording your need a good studio monitor to achieve perfection. Buying a cost-effective and affordable studio monitor with all the necessary features is a smart choice just be sure to do your research in advance. Talk with your friends, check out YouTube videos, look anywhere you can for information on who’s using what and then above all, trust your ears. You are the one who will have to work on your monitors so your ears will tell you which ones to choose.


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