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Here Are the Most Important Features of Any Desktop Monitor Stand

In a perfect world, your studio would look like a goliath, an empty limitless space, with a screen free-drifting in the center. No obstacles to your sound, no vibrations, nothing jumbling up and interfering with the sounds you hear. However, in the real world, it’s obviously a bit different.

1.If you have smaller footprint studio monitors, the Fluid Audio DS5 studio monitor stands are intended for use with each of the 4" and 5" 2-way studio monitor designs. They accompany the capacity to lift your drivers to two statures: 2.5" and 5". Using the included elastic feet, the stands become an acoustic detachment framework that can conform to 3 edges: Flat, 3 and 6 degrees of tilt.  This makes the DS5 one of the most versatile and best desktop stands on the market.

2.As the high frequencies originating from tweeters can be to some degree directional (or "beamy"), getting them up and closer to ear level means more clarity and accuracy with less phasing. Always …

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