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MDF – The ideal Material for Studio Monitors

Those of you who’ve spent any time making your own music know the importance of investing in the best studio speakers possible and studio monitors from Fluid Audio give you a best chance at an accurate, uncolored representation of your music. One of the reasons for this detailed, transparent sound, is not only the speaker drivers and the amplifier, but actually the wooden enclosure itself. There are a lot of reasons why most loudspeaker enclosures are made from MDF and not any other material. 
While MDF cabinets look great (whether in your home or Professional studio), many are unaware of the material’s benefits. So, before you reach out for the natural wood speakers, understand that MDF wood is proven to be the best and makes your music just sound better. 
Why Enclosure Material Matters? 
Even though the tremendous effort is spent on the loudspeaker driver and amplifier design, the enclosure characteristics play a vital role in achieving a smooth response, controlled bass, and defined…

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