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Tips For Optimum Placement Of Your Studio Monitors

The perfect tool for mixing and mastering your songs, studio reference monitors are essential to any functional recording studio. Every decision that we make in the mixing process is based on the sound that we hear coming out of audio monitors. That being said, a lot of artists and producers just starting out don’t realize how important it is to set up studio monitors in a way to get the most out of them. Sometimes even seasoned vets don’t realize how much better they could make their beats/songs sounding by setting them up correctly. How far must they be placed from your ears? Should they point at you, and at what angle? What kind of desktop stands do you need to buy? 
Here are a few simple rules to follow to get the best out of your freshly acquired studio monitors! 
1. Place them away from walls – Placing your monitors too close to a wall or a corner of a room can cause bass “loading” which boosts the low frequency of your monitors while creating a null in the upper-bass frequencies.…

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