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Small Studio Monitors – Why bigger is not always better

"Which Studio monitors should I buy?" The answer to this simple question is not so straightforward. Shopping for new monitors can be daunting. With so many manufacturers and companies competing for your hard-earned money and a ton of conflicting opinions and advice on the Internet, assessing which speakers to buy is anything but easy. 
Given the fact that the majority of recording studios start in cramped with not the most ideal conditions, choosing the correct speaker size is critical to hearing and mixing more accurately. That said, it is also important to debunk the myth that you need really big and expensive monitors to achieve the results that you are hoping for. This article explores the various reasons you should opt for smaller studio monitors like the Fluid Audio FX50 and the benefits associated with it. 
Why a small monitor might be the right choice
At the outset, there are some obvious value propositions associated with small monitors:  They are economical – You don’t…

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