Things To Consider Before Buying Desktop Monitor Stands

These days audio professionals are purchasing more and more of their studio equipment online. Now, it’s easier to get product reviews from noted professionals prior to buying by way of video content or articles found on various forums online. This makes it easy to feel confident about not having been able to test out the products yourself. When it comes to studio monitor stands, there are many options found online and here are some points to keep in mind when looking for your next pair.

·         Choose A Size That Fits Your Desktop

Before you buy monitor stands for your desktop or meter bridge, make sure you know the available area where they will sit. Keep in mind too that the monitor stand itself needs to ‘fit’ your studio monitors so just be sure there’s enough available space both on top of the monitor stand, and, below it where it will sit. Remember to leave yourself extra room if possible as the stands will likely be moved a bit as you adjust them to sonically sit in the appropriate placements for your room. Choose studio monitor stands that offer decoupling features which will result in cleaner studio monitor performance.

And for keyboards, controllers, or other peripherals that may sit front and center, be sure you have allocated enough space for all before you make your online purchase. Many people face these types of problems after buying desktop stands without proper measurements. So make sure when you opt for buying your next desktop monitor stand, there is enough space for them on your desk.

      Online Reviews And Ratings of Studio Monitor Stands

The market ratings and reviews provided below the product determine its use and effectiveness. Check the comments and ratings before you select your final desktop stand. Sometimes the product might look perfect for you, but when you take a look over the customers' reviews and market ratings, you may find that the product is not as perfect as it seems.

·         Quality and Durability of the Product

When buying online, don’t get confused between warranty and quality. It’s important to understand the difference. The quality of the build will determine how much use you will enjoy from your new stands. Check customer reviews for this specific point.

      Wrapping Up

These are some important aspects you can consider before you buy desktop stands online. With a little review and the right measurements, you will find a pair of studio monitor stands online that should be exactly what you want and will deliver good quality for years to come.    


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