Portable Guitar Amps – A Must-have for Street Gigs

Playing the guitar outside can make for some awesome gigs. Many guitarists love playing in the streets or playing in the serene outdoors while camping or chillin’ out. But, amplifying these performances has always been a challenge. If you want to use anything other than an acoustic guitar you’re out of luck, right? Well, the good news now is there are some super cool portable amps like the Strum Buddy that can help you do your thing outside.
Here are some pointers on choosing a good outdoor rig:

1. Portability

This is one thing that goes without saying but we can’t help ourselves. The size and weight of your amp matters, particularly if portability and usability are your top priorities. The bigger amps undoubtedly tend to sound fuller but they cost more and can be very difficult to power and maneuver outside. Who wants to be hassled by the seriously long extension cables to their practice amp outdoors? This is exactly why Fluid Audio designed and created the Strum Buddy portable guitar amplifier.

2. Tube amps. Do you them for these gigs?

For millennia, the guitarist has rambled on about the tone and vibe of real tube amps; that there is still nothing quite like a good tube amp. And that is true – make no mistake about it. That said, they aren’t likely your best choice for portability and ease of use outside.

3. Your repertoire of sounds

The Majority of players today prefer adding various digital or analog effects to their playing. A good digital guitar amp comes with a range of great-sounding effects already added to it. On top of that, some digital modeling amps can also mimic a number of those vastly more expensive tube/valve amplifiers and give you that thirsted sound effect. Fluid Audio’s Strum Buddy is not only SUPER compact, but it also offers players the ability to add an effect or more gain for varied tones.

4. Know your needs

No one guitar product can offer 100% of 100% of guitar players needs 100% of the time in 100% of the settings you might perform. If you are playing outside gigs, street gigs, camping, or even just looking for a no-hassle rehearsal rig that takes no time to dial in, then Fluid Audio’s Strum Buddy may be the perfect match for you - and it comes in two models; standard and heavy metal. There is a headphone jack as well and it couldn’t be more simple to connect, you simply plug in the coiled cable from the Strum Buddy to your guitar’s cable jack and go. Easy peasy.


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