A Simple Guide to Buying the Best Studio Speakers Online

They are used to project the audio in the most accurate way and can be used in different studios, including Radio Studios, Television Studios, Home Studios, Recording Studios, and Filmmaking. If you are looking to buy the best studio speaker online for you need, this useful guide will help you make the right decision.

  1. The Kinds of Speakers – Studio speakers can be categorized into active and passive speakers. An active speaker is the one that has a built-in amplifier. It benefits the user immensely as they don’t need to have and external amp that takes extra space, and the amp is paired to the speaker so it sounds as it was meant to.
    A passive speaker, on the other hand, doesn’t have a built-in amp. As a user, you’d have to look for the extra equipment (amplifier). Make sure it’s compatible with not only the system but crossover and sound signature too.
  2. Power – Another crucial thing to consider is the power of the speaker. The power is an important factor that will have a great effect on the sound and recording.
    With higher wattage, you will easily be able to hear a detailed sound. Also, you can make the necessary tweaking to the limiters, compressors as well as gates. Know that the recording will have deformation due to a lack of extra power. As a result, it leads to poor quality. While there’s no need to get the highest power, having the extra headroom will assure you of the range and definition you’re looking for.
  3. Cost – Several features determine the price when it comes to buying the best studio speaker online. These features include the material used to make the speaker, range of its frequency, power, wattage and adjustment options.
    It’s crucial that you determine what features you’re looking for in the speaker, aside from being able to record the audio sound quality.
  4. The Material Type – Studio speakers drivers are made from a wide range of materials, like paper, aluminum alloys and many more. The material plays a very crucial role in the sound produced by a studio speaker. You can consider this factor, but it does not have to be the main deciding factor when buying your choice of studio speakers online.
  5. Frequency Range – Make sure the speaker you’re likely to purchase is capable of handling the full range of frequency you’re going to record. Speakers can handle the lowest frequency to the highest.
No home recording studio is deemed complete without a pair of the right studio speakers that helps you to evaluate your project sound. These speakers are designed in a way that they help one produce professional mixes.
Studio speakers are made to deliver the sound of recordings – raw and unmixed – with little discoloration. That way, you’ll be able to hear the sound of your project with precision.


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