Want to build the perfect Home Studio? Avoid these common mistakes

Feeling anxious to complete your home recording studio setup? Being so enthusiastic is great but you need to hold on to your excitement to evade the mistakes that are so typical of the rookies. Any home studio setup is a substantial investment. Thus, your time, effort, and money must not be wasted on superfluous gaffes and errors.
To help all the budding music enthusiasts, we have listed the most common mistakes that they so commonly make. If you wish to escape them, read on.

Heavy Expenditures – Please don’t go around breaking the bank and spending more money than required. Take a deep breath, step back and figure out what you really need and what you'll practically use. Save yourself from falling into the trap of thinking you can’t survive without the latest, coolest gear if you want to create great music. With such unplanned and compulsive shopping, you may end up with a lot of equipment that just sits around gathering dust. That being said, feel free to splurge on some essentials, such as good studio monitors like the Fluid Audio FX50 and FX80.

Choosing the wrong room – Choose the right room for recording is no child’s play. You need to be wise in choosing the room that you record in. The room should not be anywhere near your neighbors, as you might end up spoiling their mood or being unable to create music at the volume you desire. The shape of the room matters as square rooms are known to have some frequencies that will reverberate more than a rectangular room. The room should not be too small as the sound will resonate more making it difficult to achieve good acoustics.

Neglect Soundproofing – Without proper soundproofing, your studio can drive people crazy. This certainly won’t make work convenient. Your studio should have as little unwanted noise as possible, particularly when recording using microphones. Soundproofing also prevents outside noise from disturbing your monitoring or getting onto your recordings and ensure quality results.

Fewer furnishings – Don’t forget to add sufficient furnishings to your home studio because fewer furnishings cause more reverberation. Though some people prefer some room echo on their tracks, most of the times you won't want any at all. You can include some soft furnishings like curtains, carpets, or pillows that will help saturate reverberations, diminishing the sound.

Incorrect placement of speakers – Refrain from positioning the speakers in the corners of your studio, as this will further highlight the bass. Additionally, see that there are fewer surfaces and equipment between you and the speakers. This is because reflections, known as "early reflections" tend to spring back from the speakers via these surfaces, towards your ears. The monitors like Fluid Audio FX80 must face towards you at approximately ear height. You should also allow some gap between the left and right speakers, as well as between you and the speakers, forming a triangular outline. Place the speakers roughly 4 feet from each other and about 3 feet away from you.

Wrong position of equipment – Place all your equipment in a setup that creates a comfy and dynamic surrounding. Everything must be accessible; place your MIDI controller in a spot that allows you to see your monitor and play simultaneously.
Keep these warnings in mind and you'll be well on your way to establishing your dream home recording studio.


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