Want to add spark to your Studio Recordings? Follow these tips!

When you are passionate about your music, you always dream of recording it someday, somehow! Music – the eternal source of bliss, undergoes a complete transformation in a hi-tech, well-equipped recording studio, adding a new dimension to the entire concept of good music. The melodious and catchy tracks that are loved and appreciated by everyone are a result of endless and scrupulous efforts in these recording studios. No studio is complete without the hippest and cutting-edge recording equipment that adds that extra zing to your music. 

That being said, not everyone who loves to create music is excited about recording it at a studio. The anxiety stems from the fact that recording your voice in the studio is akin to putting your voice under a microscope. It can be apprehensive for many musicians, especially the newbies who aren’t used to being in studio settings. But the fact is that if you are initiated into music and want to make a beginning then you cannot avoid the studio for too long. To prepare you for your rendezvous, we have gathered a few tips that will increase the chances for a successful studio recording session.

· Practice to Perfection – Nothing comes close to the good old custom of achieving perfection from practice. With technological advancements, it is super easy and affordable to build a basic home studio. Your home studio is a great place to familiarize yourself with the sound of your recorded voice and to practice recording techniques before you record at a professional studio. These recording sessions act as a trial run before you book a high-budget, super high-fidelity recording studio. To setup your home recording studio - all you need is a laptop, an audio interface, a microphone, studio monitors, headphones and basic recording software.

· Warm up! – If are going to hit some high notes during your recording session, it will be a good idea to warm up your voice before the session. Some good warming up exercises will help you achieve better results during the recording session. It will be best to avoid alcohol, coffee, and dairy products a few days before the recording as they can cause dehydration, reflux, or excess mucus. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

· Pour some Emotions – So you have practiced every little nuance of your song and have perfected it to the T. How about some feelings and emotions? Focussing on the imperfections of your voice and addressing them is good but delivering the emotion and the message of the song is equally important. Don’t let the pressure of recording affect your connection to the music.

· Know the lyrics
– Everything is going as planned and then – you forget the lyrics! That is a catastrophe! You must learn the song extremely well, sing it and practice it quite a few times. If possible, perform it live in front of an audience to achieve the required confidence. Knowing the lyrics by heart will let you focus on delivering the emotion and the dynamics that will make the song special.


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