Choose the Right Stand for your Studio Monitors. It Matters!

There is nothing that technology has left untouched. Technology has made our work spaces more advanced and sociable. Recording studios are no different. Setting up a home studio is not a distant dream for so many music enthusiasts, thanks to the ready availability of technologically advanced music gear. There are multitudes of music crazy people, busy creating and recording music in their home studios.

Good quality studio monitors are necessary when recording audio, especially if you want to achieve great results. However, studio monitors cannot do the job by themselves, you will also require a pair of sturdy Desktop Stands to accomplish the level of musical ingenuity you are looking for.
Do I really need monitor stands? Well, you are not the only one who is on the fence. There are several more contemplating whether or not to buy desktop monitor stands. But once you’ll come to know of the huge difference that the humble desktop stands can make to the music you create, we are sure you won’t think twice before investing in them.

Studio Monitor Stands come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and finishes and should be used whenever possible. So before you decide which one to buy, evaluate prospective monitor stands for the following criteria.

This attribute sits at the top of the list. Sturdy and well-constructed speaker stands will help you achieve the greatest overall sound quality, especially the bass. This is because they offer a solid platform to your studio monitors which is very critical because keeping your Speakers on a shelf or table causes the surface to vibrate and distorts the bass. You must realize the importance of isolating the speaker's vibrations from the floor as it allows you to hear only the bass from the speaker and not vibrations from a shelf, table, or floor

Keep the Monitors at the right height
If you know anything about music, you are privy to the fact that placing your studio monitors on the appropriate height lets you hear the high frequencies as clearly as possible. The best balance of sound can be achieved when the monitors are aligned in the perfect position relative to your ears. Placing them too high or too low will make you miss the high frequencies.

Liven up your Home Studio
Musicians are creative people who care most about their music. But that shouldn’t be a hindrance in adding a glam quotient to your work space. There are many speaker stands available in the market that are much more than just an accessory. Studio monitor stands like the Fluid Audio DS5 are classic pieces of furniture that not only flaunt your monitors but also integrate them into your work space.


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