Fluid Strum Buddy – The Perfect Guitar Amp

A Guitar amplifier is as important, if not more important than your favorite instrument. If you believe in the magic of your music then you want the world to enjoy it as well. The adulation from your audience gives you an onrush that is totally unparalleled by any other feeling. And to make your music heard by the masses, a good amplifier like the Fluid Strum buddy is a must have.

A guitar amplifier is a major part of your tone. But more often than not, people are so engrossed in selecting the perfect guitar for them that they tend to neglect that perfect amp that is essential if they want to take their music to the next level. And the task is not that difficult! By putting in a little bit of research you can find an amplifier that meets your musical requirements.

However, if you’re a traveling musician or you go to college, what you require is a portable amp that will allow you to rock without elevating the ire of your neighbors or roommates. Fortunately, you’ll easily find some outstanding amps that not only give the desired boost to your music at low volume but that you can also bring with you EVERYWHERE. The Strum buddy from Fluid Audio is a great example.

The Strum Buddy is this mini, portable guitar amplifier that was born out of the desire for convenience and portability. And we know just how much these two attributes are desired by all the guitarists – be it an amateur or a seasoned professional. Now, it’s hard to find a passionate musician who doesn’t like to noodle around on their guitar because nothing works better if you are keen on expanding your skill sets as a music creator. In a situation like this where all you want is a relaxing musical session, the traditional guitar amps are too cumbersome as they’re always strapped to your guitar by the cord. However, the Strum Buddy conveniently mounts to your guitar with a rubber suction cup allowing you to hear and monitor your music sans the hassle of the cords. 

The small dimensions of the Fluid Strum Buddy are no impediment to its amplifying capability. Powered with an internal rechargeable battery, this 6 watts amplifier sounds every bit as good as the big, expensive amps. With a sweet tone and a crunchy overdrive, the Strum buddy is everything your music needs.


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