How to pick the perfect Guitar Amp

Okay, so you just bought your dream electric guitar….but the journey towards making great sounds on stage doesn’t end there. Guitar players spend so much time and effort finding the perfect guitar (as far as looks, sound, brand, etc), that they sometimes overlook the importance of a guitar amplifier and it becomes kind of an afterthought.  Also, oftentimes after a player buys their dream guitar, there is little money left for their “dream amplifier”.  So, you can either take out loan to buy an amp, or get a Strum Buddy, rechargeable practice amp until you can afford your dream amp.

Why do you need amplifier? Well, for the very simple reason that nothing can replace a great guitar amp sound. Most amateur guitarists do not realize the value and importance of a dedicated guitar amp. If you think that by simply plugging your guitar into the general PA system you’ll get a good sound, wait until you hear the same guitar plugged into a guitar amp. But with so many different amps to choose from, where do you start? 

For first-timers, selecting an amplifier can be a bit overwhelming. There are different amps for different purposes and choosing one depends on a few factors. Such as, what kind of guitar are you playing?  Are you playing an electric guitar, an acoustic electric guitar, a semi-hollow body guitar?

Another important thing is to find a guitar amp that suits your needs – specifically in terms of the sounds that you can get from it. If you love the tone that you can get from the amp you are playing through, then you will surely be more enthusiastic about playing the guitar to the fullest. If you get a cheap amp that cannot do what you want it to, then you may probably won’t pick up your guitar as often.

The type of music genre you intend to use this amp for is also very significant.
A small guitar amp will be perfectly fine if you play the guitar in a jazz group. However, if you intend to make it in a rock group, you'll have to get something that can really fill a large room with sound.

When selecting an electric guitar amp, you must also take into account where you will be playing. And this doesn’t apply only for the immediate future, but in the long run as well. Are you part of a local band? Do you plan on keeping it casual and just playing in your garage or basement? Or have you decided to take your show on the road?

The Fluid Audio Strum Buddy miniature guitar amp is a great option while you’re deciding what full-scale amp to buy. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, you’re going to love its convenience and portability. Being that it sticks right to your guitar with a rubber suction cup, there are no long cords to connect and no wall socket to be near. Powered with an internal rechargeable battery, this 6W mini amp will help you create some great sounding music.

Buying an amp, especially your first one, can be a big deal, and Fluid Audio understands that very well. So take your time, and don't settle for anything less than what you really want and need.


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